Window Cleaning The Post Construction Way

Window Cleaning The Post Construction Way – Lighthouse builders cleaning, Adelaide

Window Cleaning The Post Construction Way.

At Lighthouse Cleaning Services we take pride in the quality of our window cleaning abilities. A crystal clean set of windows is one of the most important ways to help a new build or renovation look its best come handover time. However getting them to such a standard can be a time consuming task that requires specialist knowledge and experience to avoid damages. 

The construction process involves many different moving parts in order to produce the finished product. There are many opportunities where the glass and frames can be damaged or come into contact with building materials such as paint, render and concrete which can be problematic to remove. One of the main issues with window cleaning during a builders clean is the risk of scratching the glass and frames. Scratches during a post construction clean comes via two sources, either through the improper use of a razor scraper or the presence of and improper removal of aggregate containing materials such as render and concrete.

Razor scrapers are used in a limited set of circumstances to aid in the cleaning process, without the correct knowledge of the different types of glass and how to correctly handle the tool, the cleaner can quickly find themselves with a costly glass replacement bill. The other potential issue is the presence of render and concrete on the glass and frames. As these two materials contain fine sands and stones that can easily be picked up by the window cleaners equipment and be dragged along the glass creating scratches. The way we combat this at Lighthouse Cleaning Services is to use a specially designed cement dissolver that is safe on glass and frames. This step eliminates the chance of scratching and gives us a clean slate to work from.

A builders clean can either be a straightforward task or one that requires specialist tools, chemicals, skills and equipment to make it look its best. Usually the deciding factor between the two is the quality of tradesmen used on the job. Part of being a good tradesman is taking the necessary measures to protect finished surfaces such as windows, joinery and tiles from his portion of the work. To save costs on the final clean ensure that the various trades are doing the right thing by using adequate protection such as tape, plastic glass protection, drop sheets etc to protect finished surfaces and products from damage. As the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

The team at Lighthouse Cleaning Services are prepared to tackle whatever cleaning challenge is present on a project. Whether it’s commercial or residential, large or small we are well known for our quality of work within the Adelaide construction industry .You can rest assured knowing that we have the skills and knowledge to make your next handover go smoothly and to ultimately be a success.