Two Common Complaints From Adelaide Builders About Construction Cleaning Companies.

After speaking with dozens of Adelaide based project and site managers there are two common complaints I hear from them when they recount previous experiences with builders cleaning companies on their projects.

1. Inadequate Levels of Attention to Detail/Skill

This is the most common of the two complaints I often hear. As the cleaning industry is largely unregulated, it is hard to know who offers a quality builders cleaning service. The majority of trades require that you pass mandatory certificates/tests before you can become licensed and thus deemed proficient at your trade. Aside from the health and safety obligations, there are no benchmarks to pass for construction cleaning. For a handover to go smoothly, the building needs to be in a presentable state. If the cleaning hasn’t been done to a high standard then it’s going to negatively reflect back on the builder. Your reputation is vital, don’t let it get tarnished by engaging sub par contractors.

Unless you’ve had a positive prior experience with a cleaning contractor, it can sometimes be hard to tell who will do a good job and who won’t. A telling sign of a responsible and reliable contractor is that they stand by their work by having a customer satisfaction guarantee. Mistakes can happen, however not everyone will be happy to immediately rectify them if they do occur. References from established builders is a great way to gauge the proficiency of a contractor as well. Another sign will be the manner in which they communicate in the lead up to the job. Prompt and professional communication normally indicates that you are dealing with someone who takes their business seriously and respects their clients.  

2 Communication Difficulty 

Foreign workers are an integral part of the construction industry within Australia. However difficulties can arise when there is a lack of English speaking workers present during the builders cleaning process. This complaint comes primarily from site managers as they sometimes can’t easily communicate with the people conducting the cleaning. This is an issue because the site manager will often need to relay any changes to the job, areas to focus on and any other information necessary for the clean to be successful. If this information isn’t understood correctly then it can cause problems later down the track.

Our construction cleaning service is all about reducing supervisor stress. We achieve this by delivering a high quality service, being flexible to any changes and being easy to work with. Every team member has English as their first language which means you’ll never have an issue communicating with any one of us. 

If you have had similar complaints relating to the cleaning companies you have engaged in the past, then it’s time for you to get in touch with Lighthouse Cleaning Services. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality cleaning package to builders around Adelaide. It’s our job to help you handover your projects with confidence.