The Builders Cleaning Checklist

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The Builders Cleaning Checklist.

A thorough builders clean can make all the difference when it comes to handing over your project and having a satisfied client. As a project or site manager you ideally want to keep your defect list small and your stress levels low, getting a post-construction building site cleaner clean done by a professional team will help achieve that.

There are many nooks and crannies on a project that can collect dust, dirt and debris during the construction process. Without a detailed checklist, it is very easy to miss spots which can compromise the success of the handover. In this article, we will discuss our builders’ cleaning checklist which enables Lighthouse Cleaning Services to provide a consistent, high-quality service regardless of the type or size of project.

All-Area Builders Clean

  • All rubbish and debris removed
  • Both sides of doors are wiped clean including hinges and handles.
  • Skirtings, architraves and door frames all wiped clean.
  • Fittings/fixtures all wiped clean eg power points, light shades, AC units.
  • Appliances wiped clean and excess packaging material removed eg styrofoam packing from the oven and fridge. Make sure manuals aren’t thrown away
  • Floors clean (refer to floor spec for more details)
  • Joinery clean (refer to joiner spec for more details)
  • Windows and mirrors clean (refer to window spec for more details)

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Refer to all areas
  • Mirrors and shower glass cleaned. Free from paint, silicone, stickers etc. Free from streaks and marks.
  • Toilet cleaned and disinfected including base, bowl, rim and seat. Remove stickers and residue.
  • Shower/ bath cleaned.
  • Basins cleaned, plug and plug hole wiped clean. Stickers and residue removed.
  • Toilet roll holders, towel rack wiped clean

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Refer to all areas
  • Sinks cleaned, plug and plug hole cleaned
  • Benches/joinery  wiped clean
  • Kitchen appliances wiped clean, packaging removed
  • Splashback cleaned.

Bedroom Cleaning

  • Refer to all areas
  • Wardrobes and mirrors cleaned

Exterior Cleaning

  • Pathways, patios, driveways etc swept and low pressure cleaned if needed
  • Pool fence cleaned
  • Any other requested tasks carried out

Flooring Clean

  • Hardwood/laminate/vinyl floors vacuumed and damp mopped. Free from glue, paint etc.
  • Floor tiles scrubbed and mopped clean including grout lines. Ensure grout haze has been removed from both floor and wall tiles. Free from glue, paint etc.
  • Carpets vacuumed and spot cleaned if necessary. Ensure corners and edges have also been vacuumed.

Joinery Clean

  • Tops and inside of joinery is vacuumed and wiped clean
  • Handles, hinges and shelving all wiped clean
  • Exterior of the joinery is wiped clean including kickboards, doors and sides.
  • All stickers and residue removed from joinery units

Window Clean

  • Glass and frames are free of paint, render, plaster etc. No streaks or smears.
  • Stickers and associated residue have been removed
  • All protection has been removed, ensuring any loose pieces are cut flush with the external cladding (if applicable).
  • Tracks have been vacuumed and wiped clean
  • Rubber seals wiped clean
  • Fly screens (if fitted) are wiped clean

The above list encompasses the general cleaning standard that we follow at Lighthouse Cleaning Services. It is by no means a complete representation of our capabilities during a builders clean as certain projects and scenarios call for additional steps and the use of additional cleaning equipment that would make this list far too exhaustive.

In addition to following this checklist, team members are also noting any defects that they come across which are then passed onto the builder.

The Lighthouse team are here to assist Adelaide builders in cleaning up the project, making their handovers go smoothly and ultimately be a success.