Removing Dust From a Building Site Post Construction.

Plenty of dust is generated throughout the various stages of constructing a building. Whether it’s from plastering or cutting concrete, your building project needs to be cleaned up and debris removed to maintain a safe working environment and also to make a project look its best for handover. 

The best way to remove builders dust is the use of a high-quality vacuum cleaner. Generally, this will be a wet and dry capable machine with filters that will allow the suction to remain high even when sucking fine dust.

M class rated vacuum cleaners are perfect for this task as they are specifically designed to capture 99.5% of dust and have higher suction and filtration standards when compared to a standard vacuum cleaner.

When using the vacuum be sure to periodically check the filter and empty or change the bag when performance starts to drop. These machines can be purchased from specialist tool or cleaning retailers. If you don’t want to part with the money then they can be hired from reputable equipment hire companies. 

Depending on the size, vertical surfaces such as tiled walls can be cleaned with a series of microfiber cloths. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth and then go over it with a clean dry cloth. Regularly change out the dirty ones for clean cloths to ensure you aren’t simply spreading dust around the area.

When completing a builders cleaning project we have found that when it comes to removing the dust the most efficient strategy is to work from the top to bottom of a room. Depending on the task and severity of the dust this may consist of cleaning walls and ceilings as well as doors, joinery, appliances etc.

Think about anywhere dust could settle and make sure to clean it to ensure everything is dust-free, you’d be surprised where it can settle!

Removing dust from a building site post construction is a relatively straightforward task if you have the right tools such as a quality vacuum cleaner and follow the “top to bottom” strategy. 

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