How to Keep Your House Clean During Renovations

Adelaide Builders Cleaning

Whether you are undertaking renovations on your home yourself or are engaging a builder to do so, it’s important to know a few tips to keep the mess in check.

Protect all finished surfaces to minimize cleaning headaches and potential irreparable damage.

Depending on how much mess is going to be generated will determine the protection used and the amount of builders cleaning required. Drop Sheets are fine for light mess and quick jobs whereas more durable and comprehensive measures will be required for longer-term renovations eg cardboard floor protection

It’s always best practice to protect flooring, windows and joinery especially as they can take far longer to clean once exposed to concrete, render, paint, glue etc. 

Maintain a regular cleaning routine throughout the project. 

Regular cleaning to clear up dust and debris will make things easier come completion plus it will minimize the chance of damage and make the work area safer. 

Section off the work area if you are still living/working in the building

If you have to remain in the building whilst renovations are happening then make use of plastic sheets to create a barrier in order to keep the non renovated areas clean. For a sturdier option, plywood hoarding can be used which also offers better noise-cancelling properties.

The use of protection and regular maintenance cleans is the best way to keep on top of any mess that is created during the renovation process. If everything is protected then you will only really need a quality wet and dry vacuum to manage any dust and small debris. This will keep the reasonably clean and ready for a builders cleaning specialist to get everything looking its best for handover.