How To Find The Right Builders Cleaner For Your Next Project?

Your project is in the home stretch, the handover date is near. You know you’ll need to hire a team capable of doing the post construction clean to a high standard, but you are unsure of who to use. The points covered in this article will help you to make an informed decision on the next time you have to choose a cleaning contractor.


The first thing you should look for when engaging a cleaning contractor for your next builders clean is evidence of the necessary paperwork. A responsible contractor will have public liability insurance in place, workers compensation insurance and a detailed Safe Work Method Statement. It’s a mandatory requirement for all persons working on a construction site to hold a valid White Card so that everyone is educated on identifying and managing hazards found on the job site. Is their electrical equipment tested and tagged? Not having these details in place, if anything goes wrong, will cause big problems.

2- Price & Quality 

Like any product or service on the market there is a spectrum of price, quality and capabilities. Going with the cheapest price isn’t always the best decision as often times the quality can be sacrificed in order to keep prices down. If you are requiring a high quality finish on your project, instead look to prior projects that they have worked on and references from project or site managers. You’ll be kicking yourself for skimping on price if you get complaints from the owner for avoidable cleaning mistakes. 

A business that offers builders cleaning as one of their core services will be better equipped to handle the unique challenges encountered on the job. Whilst aspects of post construction cleaning are similar to home & office cleaning, there are many aspects that will be foreign to a crew who has had little or no experience in this form of cleaning.

3 – Team Size

Depending on the size of the project and the time allowed for cleaning, a larger crew may be required. A team of 10 or more may be required for larger projects with strict timelines. Does the contractor have the people and systems in place to ensure quality is maintained? A post clean checklist should exist so that all members are aware of the standards that need to be met as well as a supervisor that can keep an eye on things.


If you take into account the above points, you’ll find yourself a quality cleaning contractor for your next builders clean who will allow you to handover with confidence.

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