How do we quote builders cleans?

How to Do a Builders Clean

Correctly quoting a builder’s clean can be harder than one may imagine. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to deliver an accurate quote.

Here is a list of questions that we consider at Lighthouse Cleaning Services as we begin drawing up our builder’s clean checklist and pricing a project for a post-construction clean.

  • What is the overall size of the project?
  • Scope of works required – what does the client want to be cleaned?
  • What time frame does the project need to be completed in?
  • Does the job require the use of access equipment such as a boom lift?
  • What equipment do we need to bring in order to complete the job?
  • How many people will need to be on the job in order to finish on time and to a high standard?
  • What level of cleanliness will the project be in once we start the clean? 
  • Has the client used window and floor protection in the areas they want to be cleaned?
  • Do we have an existing relationship with the client?

All of the above points have an influence on the final quote.

We often get asked if we can provide a “flat rate” so that the prospective client can get a rough idea of the cost. However as you can see from the above list, a flat rate can’t allow for all of the different nuances that arise across different projects. An example of this would be the use of floor or glass protection.

The builder who uses this will save money on the final cleaning bill compared to the one who allowed his glass to get covered in concrete and the tiles to get a healthy serving of paint, silicone etc on them.

One thing we value massively is our clients. Repeat business from the same clients is always going to attract lower pricing as an act of goodwill for their loyalty. It’s our aim to provide value to whoever we work with, not just in terms of price but also in service and professionalism. 

Despite being relative newcomers to the industry we have built a reputation amongst Adelaide builders for going above and beyond and providing a high-quality service on a consistent basis. That’s why Lighthouse Cleaning Services is your best bet for when you need the final clean done to the highest standard.