Commercial vs Residential Builders Cleaning

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Commercial vs Residential Builders Cleaning

At Lighthouse Cleaning Services we focus on serving both commercial and high-end residential builders cleaning projects across Adelaide and South Australia. We’ve been asked a few times by clients if we have had experience cleaning high-end residential projects as the bulk of our Adelaide build clean services have been either commercial or high-density residential such as apartment blocks and lots of townhouses.

There is an assumption that the cleaning standards aren’t as high for said types of projects as opposed to a high end, architecturally designed residential project.

Regardless of if the project is a petrol station or a multi-million dollar personal residence, we always follow the same process for cleaning up a building site that ensures the project presents in as good of condition as possible.

At the end of the day, one of the secrets to finding success in any industry is to simply care. We pursue the finer details that most other companies wouldn’t bother to in the name of providing a service that exceeds every client’s expectations.

It’s our mission to make sure that builders across Adelaide and South Australia can handover their projects feeling confident and in a stress free manner. If we can achieve that, then we are doing our job correctly.

A testament to our commitment to customer service was on display during a builders clean we conducted in the desirable eastern suburb of Erindale. The project was a large, two-storey architecturally designed home where no expense was spared in the finishes. The director at, Quigley Building shares his thoughts on our performance,

“We recently engaged Lighthouse Cleaning Services to carry out the final builders clean for a large two-storey architectural home in Erindale.

The scope consisted of both internal cleaning and window cleaning. Corbin gave us a competitive price which was met by a reliable service with a ‘can-do’ approach. Both myself as the builder and the client alike were pleased with the outcome.

 I could recommend Lighthouse Cleaning Services for your next builders clean”

-Sandy Quigley, Director at Quigley Building

Examples such as re-cleaning windows free of charge after other subcontractors cover them in dirty handprints etc are the steps that we go to ensure that we form a lasting impression on the builders we work with.

We are always looking to form positive working relationships with builders across Adelaide so that it takes away one less stress knowing that you have a cleaning team you can count on.

Whether you specialise in commercial projects or high-end residential construction we have the skills and experience to get your building site cleanup job done right, on time and to budget.