3 Benefits Of Hiring A Pressure Cleaning Professional

The power of pressure cleaning!

Pressure cleaning is an effective way to restore outdoor surfaces to their former glory. It removes mold, dirt, moss and other substances that cause your surfaces to look unsightly and sometimes even unsafe. Pressure cleaning is a great way to maintain the professional appearance of a business or the clean image of your home. It is commonly recommended to prospective sellers to invest in a pressure wash as it will increase the curb appeal of your property which means you can justify a higher listing price.

Hiring a professional to take care of your pressure washing requirements brings with it some added benefits over cracking out the Gerni and trying to tackle the job yourself.

1) Time Saving

A professional pressure cleaner will have a commercial grade pressure washer. A commercial grade pressure washer uses higher pressure and also boasts a significantly higher liters per minute rating than a “handyman” level pressure washer. This means there is far more cleaning power and a result the job will get completed faster and to a higher standard as the equipment is superior and the operator is more experienced.

2) Pressure Washing is Hard & Dirty Work

Getting wet and dirty goes hand in hand with pressure washing. Leave it up to a professional to put up with getting wet from the back spray and having grime flick up in your face when cleaning in corners! It is also physical work, hours behind a pressure washer isn’t exactly forgiving on the body.

3) Avoiding Damage

Pressure washing is a powerful and effective way to clean. However certain surfaces can’t handle being cleaned with a pressure washer. Surfaces such as coloured concrete, old mortar, any painted surfaces, sandstone and most cladding can be easily damaged with pressure washing. Broken windows, fried electrical outlets and destroyed air conditioning units can all become a reality if you don’t pay attention to what your cleaning with a pressure washer. A professional has the knowledge and experience to know what can be cleaned with high pressure and what will need to be cleaned with more delicate methods.

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